Noise ColorFit Ultra vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3

In today’s fast-paced world, smartwatches have carved a niche, transforming from mere accessories to necessities for fitness aficionados. The surge in demand is attributable to their affordability, multifunctionality, and the seamless integration they offer with our digital lives. 

Enter the Noise ColorFit Ultra and Noise ColorFit Pro 3, two stellar wearables that encapsulate the essence of technological convenience. These gadgets are not just about keeping time; they’re an extension of the smartphone experience, shrinking essential features into a piece of wearable tech on your wrist. 

From fitness tracking to call functionality, they’re a fitness enthusiast’s dream, offering a myriad of sports modes to track and enhance performance. Launched in 2021, these Noise offerings have revolutionized smart wearables in India, standing out for their user-centric features and making the quest for the best watch a matter of nuanced comparison.

Noise ColorFit Ultra vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3

The Noise brand has outdone itself with the ColorFit Ultra and ColorFit Pro 3 models. The former flaunts a 1.75-inch display and an impressive array of 60 sports modes, while the latter, with a 1.55-inch display, supports 14 sports modes. The ColorFit Pro 3 doesn’t fall short, offering a resolution of 320*385 pixels, a SpO2 monitor, and compatibility with both Android and iOS. 

Both models promise heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and smart notifications, with the Ultra featuring a 9-day battery life and the Pro 3 boasting a 10-day span.

However, the watches differ in customer satisfaction, reflected in their ratings. The ColorFit Ultra holds an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars from 39,204 ratings, whereas the ColorFit Pro 3 stands slightly lower with 3.9 from 13,244 ratings. These figures highlight the public’s reception and satisfaction with these smartwatches’ performance and features.Noise ColorFit Ultra vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3

Difference Between Noise ColorFit Ultra vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3:


In the realm of aesthetics, the Noise ColorFit Pro 3 embraces a more traditional watch design, exuding a rounded contour, while the Noise ColorFit Ultra opts for a contemporary edge with its rectangular shape. This divergence in style highlights the classic versus modern design debate, catering to different tastes and preferences.

The choice between the ColorFit Ultra and ColorFit Pro 3 becomes a reflection of personal style. With the former’s modern, rectangular appeal, and the latter’s conventional, rounded elegance, users are presented with distinct visual identities. This contrast in design philosophy marks a clear distinction in their approach to wearable fashion.


Boasting a 1.75-inch TruViewTM display, the ColorFit Ultra offers expansive screen real estate, enhancing content visibility and interaction. In contrast, the ColorFit Pro 3’s 1.55″ HD display, though slightly smaller, compensates with crisp, vivid visuals, promising a clear and engaging viewing experience.

The disparity in screen size between the ColorFit Ultra’s generous 1.75-inch display and the ColorFit Pro 3’s 1.55″ counterpart might seem minimal, yet it plays a significant role in user experience. Both devices prioritize clarity and vibrant presentation, courtesy of TruViewTM and HD technologies, ensuring no compromise on visual quality.

Water Resistance:

Adventure enthusiasts will find solace in the fact that both the ColorFit Ultra and ColorFit Pro 3 are water-resistant up to 50 meters, compliant with 5ATM standards. This resilience makes them reliable companions for various water activities, safeguarding your investment against moisture intrusion.

Whether you’re swimming or enjoying other aquatic adventures, the assurance of 5ATM water resistance up to 50 meters in both the ColorFit Ultra and ColorFit Pro 3 means uninterrupted performance. These watches defy water challenges, promising uncompromised functionality during diverse water-based activities.


Embedded with comprehensive health and fitness tracking utilities, both the ColorFit Ultra and ColorFit Pro 3 excel in continuous monitoring realms like heart rate, sleep patterns, and even menstrual cycles. Features like 24*7 Blood Oxygen Level (SpO2) monitoring and Breath Guide Support stand out, emphasizing their commitment to holistic health management.

The pursuit of wellness is intuitive with the ColorFit Ultra and ColorFit Pro 3, offering features from basic fitness tracking to advanced 24*7 SpO2 monitoring. They serve as personal health companions, with capabilities extending to sleep tracking, menstrual cycle awareness, and even guided breathing support, fortifying a routine of comprehensive care.

Battery Life:

When it comes to uninterrupted performance, the ColorFit Ultra leads slightly with a battery life stretching up to 9 days, whereas the ColorFit Pro 3 follows closely, offering a robust 10-day longevity. This subtle difference underscores their commitment to power efficiency, ensuring your health tracking remains consistent.

The stamina of a wearable is crucial, evidenced by the ColorFit Ultra’s 9-day capacity contrasted with the ColorFit Pro 3’s 10-day endurance. Though the difference is marginal, users gain extended, reliable health monitoring without the frequent hassle of recharging, enhancing convenience and usability.


Price-wise, the divergence is noticeable. The ColorFit Pro 3 positions itself as a more expensive option compared to the ColorFit Ultra. This pricing strategy reflects not just the feature set but also the brand’s perception of the devices’ value proposition in the competitive landscape.

The financial consideration brings a new dimension to the choice between ColorFit Pro 3 and ColorFit Ultra. With the former bearing a heftier price tag, it’s evident that each model’s cost is not only a reflection of its internal capabilities but also its standing in the current market hierarchy.

Similarities Between Noise ColorFit Ultra vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3


Both the Noise ColorFit Ultra and Noise ColorFit Pro 3 are equipped with the TruViewTM display, ensuring a vibrant and sharp viewing experience. The adjustable brightness levels in these watches mean that whether you’re indoors or under the bright sun, the display remains clear and readable.

In today’s dynamic environment, having a watch that adapts to varying light conditions is crucial. With these watches, users can comfortably navigate through their tasks without straining their eyes, thanks to the adaptive brightness technology.

Activity Tracking

For fitness enthusiasts, tracking daily activities is paramount. The embedded sensors in these watches provide accurate data on steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. This comprehensive tracking ensures that users remain informed about their fitness journey.

Moreover, with the rise in health consciousness, having a reliable fitness tracker has become a necessity. Both these watches serve as a personal fitness companion, helping users monitor their activities and set achievable health goals.


In an era of constant connectivity, missing out on important notifications can be a setback. These watches ensure that users are always in the loop by delivering notifications for calls, texts, and social media apps straight to their wrist.

The convenience of glancing at your watch to view notifications, rather than pulling out your phone, cannot be overstated. It streamlines the user’s digital experience, making it more efficient and less intrusive.

Battery Life

The Noise ColorFit Ultra promises a battery life of up to 7 days, ensuring users don’t have to charge their watch frequently. This long-lasting battery life supports the user’s daily needs, from fitness tracking to notification management.

On the other hand, the Noise ColorFit Pro 3 takes it a notch higher with a battery life of up to 10 days. Such extended battery life means users can embark on long trips without worrying about their watch dying on them.


Whether you’re an avid swimmer or someone who often gets caught in the rain, these watches have got you covered. Their water-resistant feature ensures they remain functional even when exposed to water during activities like swimming, showering, or a sudden downpour.

This water-resistant capability not only adds to the durability of the watches but also provides peace of mind to users. They can confidently engage in water-related activities without the constant worry of damaging their precious timepiece.


In today’s interconnected world, having devices that communicate seamlessly is essential. Both these watches are compatible with Android and iOS devices, allowing users to connect them to their phones via Bluetooth effortlessly.

This connectivity ensures that the watches are always in sync with the user’s digital life. Whether it’s updating watch faces, syncing fitness data, or managing notifications, the seamless connection between the watch and phone makes it all possible.

Customizable Watch Faces

Personalization is at the heart of modern tech devices. Both the Noise ColorFit Ultra and Noise ColorFit Pro 3 offer customizable watch faces, enabling users to choose a style that resonates with their personality or mood.

With a plethora of options available, users can frequently change the watch faces to match their outfits or occasions. This feature ensures that the watch remains not just a functional device but also a fashion statement.

Noise ColorFit Ultra vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3: Display Comparison

Unveiling the Visual Experience

The Noise ColorFit Ultra redefines clarity with its 1.75-inch LCD, pushing a 320×385 resolution, ensuring pristine, detailed visuals. In contrast, the Noise ColorFit Pro 3’s 1.55-inch screen offers a compact yet sharp display with a 320 x 360-pixel resolution, catering to intricate details.

A Spectrum of Colors

Both smartwatches bring colors to life, with the ColorFit Ultra showcasing vibrant hues, making visuals pop, perfect for users craving richness and clarity. Meanwhile, the ColorFit Pro 3 doesn’t fall short, presenting a color display that holds its own, especially in direct sunlight.

Touchscreen Fluidity

Interactivity is smooth, with both models featuring a responsive Touch Screen Display. The ColorFit Ultra responds with precision to the slightest flick of a finger, while the ColorFit Pro 3 ensures no lag interrupts your swift navigation, enhancing overall user engagement and experience.

Tailored for Every Wrist

Considering diverse wrist sizes, the detailed and sharper display of the ColorFit Ultra suits larger wrists, providing easy viewability. The ColorFit Pro 3, with its slightly smaller screen, offers comfort without compromising on display quality, ideal for users with slender wrists.

Noise ColorFit Ultra vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3: Battery Life

Powering Your Day

The Noise ColorFit Ultra supports your busiest days with a 7-day battery life, ensuring your smartwatch keeps pace with you. Alternatively, the Noise ColorFit Pro 3 extends its power for up to 10 days, ideal for those who prefer fewer interruptions in their routine.

Usage Dictates Longevity

Battery longevity significantly depends on usage patterns. Intensive use of features on the ColorFit Ultra might require more frequent charging, while moderate use of the ColorFit Pro 3 allows for extended battery performance, catering to diverse lifestyle needs.

Hassle-Free Charging

Both smartwatches eliminate charging woes with their rechargeable batteries. The ColorFit Ultra and Pro 3 come with a charging cable, making power replenishment a breeze. Users can conveniently power up their devices, ensuring they’re always ready to go.

Real-World Battery Insights

While both devices promise impressive battery life, actual experiences may vary. Factors such as feature utilization heavily impact the ColorFit Ultra and Pro 3’s battery longevity, urging users to consider their typical usage scenarios for a realistic expectation.

Noise ColorFit Ultra vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3: Design and Build Quality

Sporty Elegance in Design

The Noise ColorFit Ultra and Pro 3 blend sportiness with elegance. The Ultra’s 1.75-inch display complements its robust build, while the Pro 3’s 1.55-inch screen adds to its sleek form factor, both exuding a modern vibe that resonates with fitness enthusiasts.

Comfort Meets Durability

With comfort in mind, the ColorFit Ultra features a TPU strap, gentle on the skin for all-day wear. The ColorFit Pro 3 opts for a silicone strap, combining softness with durability, perfect for enduring various physical activities.

Water-Resistant Warriors

Adventures through rain or shine are no worry as both smartwatches boast water-resistant qualities. Whether you’re sweating during a workout or caught in a downpour, the ColorFit Ultra and Pro 3 withstand the elements, making them reliable companions for outdoor enthusiasts.

Personalized Aesthetics

Personalization shines through with various color options in both models, allowing users to match their smartwatch with their style. Whether it’s the solid build quality of the ColorFit Ultra or the ColorFit Pro 3’s model variations, there’s a look for every personality.

Noise ColorFit Ultra vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3: Features Comparison

Health and Fitness Tracking

Both the ColorFit Ultra and Pro 3 prioritize your health with features like heart rate and sleep monitoring. While the Ultra impresses with its display and battery, the Pro 3 takes health monitoring further with its SpO2 sensor, a critical tool for wellness insights.

Notifications at a Glance

Stay in the loop with both watches’ notification features. Whether it’s a message, call, or app notification, the ColorFit Ultra and Pro 3 ensure you’re always updated without having to access your phone, reflecting a perfect blend of convenience and technology.

Adventuring Unhindered

The water-resistant feature shared by both watches underscores their versatility. Whether you’re near a pool, caught in a drizzle, or sweating it out, both the ColorFit Ultra and Pro 3 are equipped to handle moisture, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

Customization at Its Finest

Reflecting your style is effortless with the ColorFit Pro 3’s customizable watch faces, offering a personal touch to your wearable tech. While the ColorFit Ultra focuses on functionality, the Pro 3 extends its allure with personalization, making it an accessory truly your own.

Noise ColorFit Ultra vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3: Features Comparison

In the realm of smartwatches, the Noise ColorFit Ultra and Noise ColorFit Pro 3 stand out as two notable contenders. Both watches offer a plethora of features, but how do they stack up against each other? Let’s delve into a detailed comparison to understand the variations and common features these watches bring to the table.

Fitness and health tracking

Both watches prioritize your well-being, offering heart rate monitoring to keep tabs on your cardiovascular health. Sleep tracking ensures you’re getting the rest you need, while activity tracking motivates you to stay active and achieve your fitness goals.


Stay connected without being tethered to your smartphone. Both watches ensure you never miss out on essential calls, messages, or app notifications. With seamless integration, your wrist becomes an extension of your phone, keeping you informed and connected.


Whether you’re caught in the rain or decide to take a swim, both watches have got you covered. Their water-resistant capabilities make them suitable for swimming and enduring those unexpected rain showers.

The Noise ColorFit Ultra has the following additional features:

Bigger Display

Size does matter when it comes to display. The Noise ColorFit Ultra boasts a larger 1.75-inch display, overshadowing the 1.55-inch display of the Pro 3. This extra screen real estate enhances user experience and readability.

Longer Battery Life

While both watches promise commendable battery life, the Ultra takes the lead. It offers up to 9 days of battery life, just a day shy of the Pro 3’s 10 days.

The Noise ColorFit Pro 3 has the following additional features:

From Stress Monitor to Breathe Guide Support, the Pro 3 is packed with features. It even offers Weather updates, Find My Phone Support, and Music Control. For the ladies, the Female Health Care Support is a thoughtful addition. The Cloud-Based Watch Face and Alexa Voice Service further enhance its appeal.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Understanding your blood oxygen levels is crucial, and the Pro 3 doesn’t disappoint. With its SpO2 sensor, it ensures you’re always aware of your blood oxygen levels, promoting better health awareness.

More Customizable Watch Faces

Personalization is key. The Pro 3 offers more customizable watch faces, allowing users to personalize their watches to match their style and preferences.

Choosing between the Noise ColorFit Ultra and Noise ColorFit Pro 3 boils down to personal preference. If a larger display and slightly longer battery life are your priorities, the Ultra might be the best pick. However, if you’re looking for an affordable option with features like Music Control, SpO2 monitoring, and more customization options, the Pro 3 stands out.

Noise ColorFit Ultra vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3: Fitness & Health Feature

In the realm of smart wearables, the Noise ColorFit Ultra and Noise ColorFit Pro 3 have emerged as notable contenders. Both these devices are equipped with a plethora of health and fitness features. Let’s delve into the specifics of what each watch brings to the table.

Fitness Tracking:

When it comes to keeping tabs on your physical activity, both the Noise ColorFit Ultra and Noise ColorFit Pro 3 excel. They meticulously record your daily steps, the calories you’ve torched, and the minutes you’ve been active. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone just starting on their fitness journey, these watches ensure you’re always in the know about your progress.

Heart Rate Monitoring:

Heart rate is a crucial metric for both fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals. Both these smartwatches offer continuous heart rate monitoring. This not only aids in optimizing your workouts but also provides insights into your overall health. By keeping a close watch on your heart rate, you can make informed decisions about your training intensity and recovery.

Sleep Tracking:

A good night’s sleep is the cornerstone of good health. Both the Noise ColorFit Ultra and Noise ColorFit Pro 3 come equipped with sleep tracking capabilities. They analyze the quality and duration of your sleep, breaking it down into phases like deep, light, and REM. By understanding your sleep patterns, you can make necessary adjustments to improve your sleep quality over time.

Sedentary Reminder:

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to get caught up in work and forget to move around. Prolonged periods of inactivity can have adverse health effects. Recognizing this, both watches come with a sedentary reminder. If you’ve been stationary for an extended period, the watch nudges you to get up and take a short walk or stretch. It’s a small feature, but one that can have significant benefits in the long run.

Noise ColorFit Ultra vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3: Pros and Cons

In the realm of smartwatches, the Noise ColorFit Ultra and Noise ColorFit Pro 3 have emerged as two noteworthy contenders. Both offer a plethora of features tailored to fitness enthusiasts and those seeking a blend of style and functionality. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision.

Pros of Noise ColorFit Ultra:

  • Stylish Design: The Ultra boasts a chic appearance complemented by interchangeable straps.
  • Large Display: It features a vibrant color touchscreen, enhancing user experience.
  • Heart and Sleep Monitoring: Tracks your heart rate and analyzes sleep patterns effectively.
  • Diverse Sports Modes: Catering to various fitness activities.
  • Water Resistance: Ensuring durability even during water-related activities.

Cons of Noise ColorFit Ultra:

  • Battery Constraints: The Ultra’s battery life might not meet the expectations of heavy users.
  • Basic Tracking: While it covers essential fitness metrics, some advanced features are missing.
  • Lack of GPS: It doesn’t come with built-in GPS functionality.

Pros of Noise ColorFit Pro 3:

  • GPS through Noisefit Assist: While it doesn’t have built-in GPS, the Noisefit Assist app compensates by offering GPS capabilities.
  • Enhanced Sports Modes: A broader range of activity tracking options.
  • Extended Battery Life: Outlasts the Ultra in terms of battery longevity.
  • Voice Commands: Offers voice control for ease of use.
  • Personalization: Comes with customizable watch faces to suit your style.

Cons of Noise ColorFit Pro 3:

  • Price Point: It’s priced higher than the Ultra model.
  • Touchscreen Limitations: Some users might find its touchscreen functionality a bit restrictive.
  • Monochrome Display: Lacks a color display, unlike the Ultra.

In essence, the choice between Noise ColorFit Ultra and Noise ColorFit Pro 3 boils down to individual preferences and priorities. If you’re leaning towards a budget-friendly yet stylish option, the Ultra might be your pick. However, if advanced features and longer battery life are what you’re after, the Pro 3 stands out.

Noise ColorFit Ultra vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3: Price and Value for Money

In the realm of budget smartwatches, two models come into focus: the Noise ColorFit Ultra and the Noise ColorFit Pro 3. These smartwatches, competitively priced, offer a medley of features, placing them in distinct categories of preference for potential users.

Fitness Tracking Features

At the heart of these smartwatches lie essential features tailored for fitness enthusiasts. Both devices come equipped with GPS, a heart rate monitor, and SpO2 sensors. Whether you’re looking for basic tracking or more advanced metrics, these devices have got you covered, making them a good choice for those with specific fitness needs.

Value Proposition

When considering value for money, it’s important to assess the features that are most relevant to your needs. While both watches offer a robust set of features, the Noise ColorFit Ultra might come at a higher price point, but it offers additional functionalities, further enhancing its value proposition.

Making the Right Choice

Every potential user has unique preferences and needs. The Noise ColorFit Pro 3 offers 24*7 tracking and might be the better option for some, especially considering its likely lower price. However, the ultimate decision will depend on what you’re specifically looking for in a smartwatch. If additional features are important, the Ultra might be a better bet.

Noise ColorFit Ultra vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3: Which is better?

Deciding between the Noise ColorFit Ultra and ColorFit Pro 3 hinges on individual needs and preferences. The Ultra stands out with a larger display, catering to those who prefer an expansive screen for better interactivity, while the Pro 3 draws attention with its comprehensive fitness tracking features and extended battery life. 

Both smartwatches offer a blend of style and functionality, striking a balance between premium design and budget-friendliness. However, the final choice is influenced by specific requirements, such as a robust set of health-focused features or a longer-lasting battery. 

Potential buyers compare specifications and reviews to gauge the value for money, ensuring their purchase aligns with their lifestyle demands. Ultimately, both models serve distinct consumer segments, promising performance and reliability within their respective domains.


In conclusion, both the Noise ColorFit Ultra and ColorFit Pro 3 stand as formidable contenders in the smartwatches arena, offering a vibrant, stylish, and affordable gateway into fitness and health tracking. Whether it’s heart rate monitoring, personal notifications, or a premium feel, these watches encapsulate advanced features making them an optimal choice for every user. Each feature embedded in these watches brings a unique aspect, including remote controlling for camera shutter, music playback functionalities, and more.

The Watch Ultra excels with its displays, connectivity, sports, and wellness modes, while the Watch Pro 3 impresses with its waterproof rating and battery life, among other features. Ultimately, the choice hinges on personal preference, as both watches suit different needs and lifestyles, promising an enriching user experience.

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