How To Turn Off Sound On Apple Watch

Our guide is a comprehensive exploration into the Apple Watch, specifically focusing on the sound settings. As technology continues to evolve, the need for customization and personalization becomes paramount. The Apple Watch, a marvel of modern tech, is no exception.

Users often find themselves in environments where the auditory notifications can be disruptive. Whether in a meeting, a quiet library, or during a peaceful evening at home, there are moments when silence is golden.

This guide, enriched with illustrative pictures, delves deeper into the process of turning off the sound on your Apple Watch. It provides a step-by-step walkthrough, ensuring that even the least tech-savvy individuals can navigate the options with ease and confidence. Dive in to discover more.

How To Turn Off Sound On Apple Watch

Silencing your Apple Watch is a straightforward process that can be accomplished in just two simple steps. Begin by waking up your watch’s screen. Then, glide your finger upwards, initiating the movement from the very base of the watch face. This action will unveil the Control Center. Within this hub, you’ll need to locate the ‘Silent Mode’ icon, which is represented by a bell-shaped button.

Tapping on this button will effectively transition your Apple Watch into Silent Mode. This mode ensures that all sounds are muted, yet it still permits haptic (vibration) notifications. The result? A seamless and non-disruptive user experience, allowing you to receive notifications without any auditory interruptions.

How to Silence Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch, from the Series 7 running on WatchOS 9.4 to the older Apple Watch 2 with WatchOS 3.2.3, offers a variety of ways to manage sound settings.

Whether you find the noise distracting in a quiet or dark environment like a movie theater, or you simply prefer a silent mode, there are methods to achieve this task. Here are the quickest and slower methods to silence your Apple Watch.

Method 1: Turning Off Apple Watch Sound:

If you’re in a situation where you need to silence your Apple Watch immediately, this method is for you. It’s the quickest way to put your watch in Silent Mode and is incredibly useful for situations like meetings, movie theaters, or any other environment where a ringing watch would be inappropriate.

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your watch face.
  2. Look for the bell icon and tap it to enable Silent Mode.

This method is particularly useful when you’re in a setting where you need to quickly silence your watch without navigating through multiple menus.

Method 2: How to Turn Sound Off on Apple Watch:

For those who prefer a more permanent solution and don’t mind navigating through a few menus, this method is ideal. It involves using the Settings app on your Apple Watch, making it a more comprehensive approach to managing your sound settings. This is particularly useful if you want to set your preferences and forget about them.

  1. Press the crown button on the side of your watch to open the App Switcher.
  2. Tap on the gear icon to access the Settings app.
  3. Navigate to Sounds & Haptics.
  4. Find the Silent Mode option and tap the button to the right to activate it.

Note: This won’t silence alarms, timers, or charging sounds in a dark environment like a movie theater.

More Information on How to Silence Your Apple Watch:

Quick Mute with Silent Mode:

For a fast way to silence your Apple Watch, swipe up from the watch face to access the Control Center. Tap the bell icon to enable Silent Mode. This mutes all sounds but still allows for haptic notifications, offering a non-disruptive experience.

Theater Mode: Silence Plus Screen Off:

Theater Mode is perfect for dark environments like cinemas. Access the Control Center and tap the theater mask icon. This not only mutes your watch but also turns off the screen, preventing distractions.

Customizing Through Sounds & Haptics:

Navigate to the “Sounds & Haptics” menu in the Watch app on your iPhone for more control. Here, you can adjust alert volumes and haptic feedback manually, tailoring your watch’s notifications to your liking.

Cover-to-Mute: A Handy Gesture:

If your watch starts making noise, simply cover the watch face with your hand for three seconds. You’ll feel a vibration, indicating that the watch is now muted.

Do Not Disturb for Extended Silence:

For longer periods of quiet, activate the Do Not Disturb feature from the Control Center. This shuts off all notifications until the next morning, offering a comprehensive solution to sound issues.

How to Turn the Apple Watch Volume Up or Down:

Your Apple Watch is an incredible device, offering a blend of functionality and style. One of its features is the ability to play audio notifications. If you ever find these sounds either too loud or too soft, here’s a guide to adjust them:

  1. Initiate the Settings: On your Apple Watch, open the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Sound Settings: Scroll until you find the Sounds & Haptics section.
  3. Adjusting the Volume: You’ll see a slider bar. Tap on it. To increase the volume, tap the volume up button or turn the Digital Crown to the right. Conversely, to decrease, tap the volume down button or turn the crown to the left.
  4. Haptic Alerts: Below the volume settings, there’s an option for Haptic Alerts. This controls the vibrations your watch will play. Adjust as desired.

How to Turn Apple Watch Haptic Alerts On or Off:

Haptic alerts are the vibrating notifications you feel on your wrist. They’re a prominent feature of the watch, signaling you’ve received something:

  1. Accessing Settings: Locate the gray Settings icon on your watch’s apps menu.
  2. Haptic Alerts: Once inside, select the Haptic Alerts option.
  3. Toggle On or Off: You can now choose to turn these alerts on or off. The default setting is typically on.

How to Change the Digital Crown Haptic Settings on an Apple Watch:

The Digital Crown is more than just a stylish dial. For Apple Watch models, especially series four and higher, there’s a haptic vibration feature:

  1. Haptic Settings: Dive into the Haptic Settings.
  2. Crown Haptics: Look for the Crown Haptics button. If you have an older Apple Watch, this setting might not be available.
  3. Enable or Disable: Toggle the haptic vibration as desired.

How to Enable or Disable Haptic Chimes on an Apple Watch:

Haptic Chimes are an additional feature that plays a sound or vibration at chosen time intervals:

  1. Go to Accessibility: On your watch, navigate to Accessibility.
  2. Chimes: Inside, you’ll find the Chimes option.
  3. Control the Chimes: Here, you can schedule when the chimes play, control their tone, and decide whether they should play a sound, vibration, or both.

How to Enable the Apple Watch Cover to Mute Setting:

Ever wished you could silence your watch just by covering it? With the Cover to Mute feature, you can:

  1. Activate Control Centre: On your watch face, swipe up to open the Control Centre.
  2. Silent Mode: Look for the Silent Mode button and tap it.
  3. Cover to Mute: Now, when you want to silence an alert, simply rest your palm on the display for about three seconds. You’ll feel a vibration, indicating you’ve succeeded.
  4. Additional Settings: On your iPhone, go to the My Watch tab. Ensure you’re on watchOS 9.4 or higher. This setting also ensures wake-up alarms aren’t accidentally silenced during sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How to Disable alarm sound in Apple Watch:

For many, the Apple Watch serves as a handy tool to keep track of medication times throughout the day. However, there are moments when the audible alert can be disruptive. If you’ve set alarms on your iPhone that mirror to your Apple Watch, you might be missing out on the convenience of haptic notifications. Here’s how to enable Silent Mode on your Apple Watch:

  1. Initiate Control Center: Touch and hold the bottom of your watch face. Then, swipe up to reveal the Control Center.
  2. Activate Silent Mode: Look for the Silent Mode button (it resembles a bell). Tap on it. Once activated, you’ll receive haptic notifications without the audible alert.

How can I set my Apple Watch to vibrate only?

If you prefer your Apple Watch to communicate through vibrations rather than sounds, you can easily set it to vibrate only. This ensures you get haptic alerts without any sound interruptions:

  1. Access Control Center: By swiping up from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Toggle Silent Mode: Tap the bell icon. When the icon is red with a slash, Silent Mode is on.
  3. Adjust Haptic Alerts: Press the digital crown to open the Settings app (represented by a gear icon). Navigate to “Sounds & Haptics” and ensure “Haptic Alerts” is turned on.

How do I enable or disable Do Not Disturb mode on my Apple Watch?

The Do Not Disturb mode on the Apple Watch is a lifesaver when you need some quiet time. It prevents calls and alerts from making a sound or lighting up the screen for a set period:

  1. Open Control Centre: Touch and hold the bottom of your watch face, then swipe up.
  2. Activate Do Not Disturb: Tap the Do Not Disturb button, which looks like a half moon icon.
  3. Manual Configuration: If you wish to configure the mode further, press the digital crown, tap the gear icon for settings, and choose the “Focus” option. Here, you can create a profile to determine the types of notifications you’d like to receive when the mode is activated.

Why is my Apple Watch not making a sound when I get a text?

The Mute Setting: A Common Culprit:

If your Apple Watch has suddenly gone quiet, especially when you’re expecting text notifications, the mute setting might be the reason. You can quickly toggle between silence and sound by swiping up from the bottom of the watch face to access the Control Center. Here, tap the bell icon to either mute or unmute your device.

Digging Deeper: Sound Options and Customization:

For those who want more control over the auditory experience, the Settings app on your Apple Watch is the place to go. Press the crown button to open the app, then navigate to “Sounds & Haptics.” Here, you can tap on various sound options and even adjust the haptics.

If you’re into customizing, you can go to the Notifications menu and set up Messages to either mirror your phone’s settings or use custom options.

Why is there a crescent moon icon on my Apple Watch?

Understanding the Crescent Moon: Do Not Disturb Mode:

If you notice a crescent moon icon on your Apple Watch, it’s an indicator that the Do Not Disturb mode is activated. To disable it, swipe up to open the Control Center, scroll down, and tap the crescent moon icon.

How to Toggle Do Not Disturb?

Turning off the Do Not Disturb mode is as simple as a few taps. Swipe up from the watch face to access the Control Center, scroll until you find the crescent moon icon, and tap it to disable the mode.

What is Silent Mode on the Apple Watch?

Navigating to Silent Mode:

Silent Mode is a feature that every Apple Watch owner should be familiar with. To enable it, you’ll need to go to the “Settings” app, then choose “Sounds & Haptics.” Here, you’ll find a toggle switch that allows you to activate or deactivate Silent Mode.

What Silent Mode Does?

Once activated, Silent Mode will prevent your Apple Watch from making any noise for incoming notifications and other events. However, it’s worth noting that alarms and timers will still sound if the watch is on its charger.

What is Theater Mode on the Apple Watch?

The Essence of Theater Mode:

Theater Mode is another setting designed to minimize distractions, not just sound but also light. It’s particularly useful when you’re in a theater or any dark environment where even the smallest screen can be a nuisance.

How to Enable or Disable Theater Mode?

To toggle Theater Mode, swipe up from the bottom of the watch face to open the Control Center. Look for the button featuring two theatrical masks and tap it to enable or disable the mode.


Whether you’re annoyed by the arrival of text messages or phone calls, or you find the haptic feedback distracting, the Apple Watch offers various methods to control sound settings. From swiping up from the bottom of the screen to find the bell icon, to navigating through the Settings app, you have multiple options to turn off unwanted sounds. This guide provides you with convenient and easy-to-remember methods to ensure a less distracting experience with your small yet powerful device.

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