How To Turn Off Fitbit Sense 2?

Welcome, Fitbit Sense 2 users! This article is your step-by-step guide on how to power down your device without losing any data. Whether you’re aiming to conserve battery, reset your watch, or simply switch it off, we’ve got you covered. Fitbit watches generally operate seamlessly.

However, there might be times when you encounter problems like synchronization issues, incorrect values, or even a frozen watch. A quick reboot often resolves these issues. We recommend turning off and restarting your Fitbit Sense 2 whenever you face such challenges.

How To Turn Off Fitbit Sense 2?

Turning off your Fitbit Sense 2 is not a complex task. With a few steps, you can ensure your device is properly shut down. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the process.

Before you proceed with turning off your Fitbit Sense 2, it’s crucial to consider a few things for the device’s longevity and optimal performance:How To Turn Off Fitbit Sense 2

Important Considerations Before Turning Off Fitbit Sense 2:

Battery Life:

Ensure you check the battery level of your device before shutting it down. A sudden power loss can lead to data loss issues. It’s always best to charge your device adequately before turning it off.

Data Backup:

Always sync your data with the Fitbit App before a restart. This ensures that you don’t lose any valuable information.

Device Protection:

Avoid causing physical damage by forcefully shutting down your device. Always follow the recommended steps to ensure the safety of the hardware components.

Turn on the Screen:

To begin, activate your Fitbit Sense 2’s screen. This can be done either by pressing the side button or simply by lifting your wrist.

Enter Unlock Code:

For those who have prioritized security by setting up an unlock code, you’ll need to enter this code to proceed. It’s a measure to ensure your Fitbit Sense 2 remains secure.

Access the Settings:

Once your screen is active, swipe either left or right to view the available apps and settings. Among these icons, you’ll spot the “Settings” icon, which resembles a grey gear wheel. Give it a tap.

Find the “About” Section:

As you navigate through the settings of your Fitbit Sense 2, scroll down to the bottom. Here, you’ll find the “About” section. Tap on it to delve deeper into the device’s information.

Locate the “Shutdown” Option:

Continue your journey down the features menu by sliding your finger from the bottom to the top of the Sense 2 screen. Your destination? The “Shutdown” section. Once you spot it, tap on it to move to the next step.

Confirm Your Decision:

A confirmation message will pop up, ensuring you genuinely intend to turn off your Fitbit Sense 2. This step is crucial to prevent any accidental shutdowns. Rest assured, turning off your device won’t erase any data. However, if you’ve set up a PIN or unlock code, you might be prompted to enter it when you power the device back on.

Troubleshooting: What to Do When Fitbit Sense 2 Won’t Turn Off:

Turning off the Fitbit Sense 2 should be a straightforward process. However, if your device doesn’t power down as expected, it can be quite frustrating. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you resolve the issue:

Check the Fitbit Sense 2’s Battery Level:

If your device has a low battery, it might not turn off correctly. Ensure your Fitbit Sense 2 is charged adequately. You can verify the battery level either on the Fitbit app or the device itself.

Force Restart the Fitbit Sense 2:

If your device isn’t responding to commands or turning off, consider force restarting it. To do this, press and hold the button on the side for at least 15 seconds or until the Fitbit logo appears. Once the device restarts, you can attempt to turn it off again.

How to turn off Fitbit Sense 2 After Factory Reset?

After performing a factory reset on your Fitbit Sense 2, you might want to turn it off. Here’s how:

Press and Hold the Side Button:

To initiate the power-off process, locate the side button on your Fitbit Sense 2. This button can be found either on the left or right side of the device. Once you’ve identified it, press and hold it for approximately 10-15 seconds.

Wait for the Power Off Screen:

As you continue to hold the side button, keep an eye on the device’s display. After a few moments, you should see a screen that reads “Power Off”.

Slide to Power Off:

On the “Power Off” screen, a message will appear prompting you to either slide or tap to power off the device. Follow these instructions by sliding your finger across the screen as indicated.

Wait for Shutdown:

The Fitbit Sense 2 doesn’t power down instantly. It might take a few seconds for the device to shut down completely. During this time, the screen might go blank or display the Fitbit logo, signaling that the device is turning off. Once turned off, if you wish to power it on again, simply press and hold the side button until the Fitbit logo appears on the screen.

Understanding the Power Options on Fitbit Sense 2

Before you dive into the steps to turn off your Fitbit Sense 2, it’s essential to understand the various power options and features of the device. Being aware of these can ensure proper usage and help extend the battery life.

Power Modes:

The Fitbit Sense 2 offers different power modes to cater to your needs. The “Normal” mode is the standard power mode that the device operates in. However, when the battery level drops below 20%, the “Low Battery” mode is activated. This mode limits certain features to conserve power and extend the device’s battery life.

Power Saving Features:

To further conserve battery life, the Fitbit Sense 2 is equipped with several power-saving features. For instance, when the battery level drops below a specific percentage, the device will automatically turn off the Always-On Display feature. Additionally, users have the option to customize the device’s screen timeout duration, which can significantly reduce power consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I turn off my Fitbit Sense 2?

To swiftly and effortlessly power down your Fitbit Sense 2, follow these steps:

  1. Initiate the Process: Begin by swiping down on your watch face.
  2. Enter Quick Settings: This action will grant you access to the quick settings menu.
  3. Navigate to Device Settings: Spot and tap the gear icon to delve into the device settings.
  4. Locate the Shutdown Option: As you scroll down, you’ll find the “About” section. Select it, and then choose “Shutdown”.
  5. Final Confirmation: To ensure you genuinely wish to turn off your device, you’ll be prompted to confirm. Tap “Shutdown” once more.

What should I do if my Fitbit Sense 2 won’t turn off?

If your Fitbit Sense 2 isn’t powering down as anticipated, don’t fret. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Check Battery Status: Sometimes, if the battery level is critically low, the device may not respond as expected. Ensure it’s not the case.
  2. Attempt a Restart: If the device seems frozen, performing a restart might be the solution.
  3. Connect to Power: If the above steps don’t work, try connecting your Fitbit to a power source and observe if it responds.

How do I turn on my Fitbit Sense 2 after shutting it down?

Reviving your Fitbit Sense 2 post-shutdown is a breeze:

  1. Press the Side Button: Firmly press and hold the side button of your device.
  2. Wait for the Logo: Keep holding until the screen lights up and displays the Fitbit logo, indicating that your device is powering up.

Does turning off my Fitbit Sense 2 delete any data?

Rest assured, turning off your Fitbit Sense 2 will not erase any of your data. All your information will remain safely stored within the device’s memory.

How do I turn off and shut down my Fitbit?

Turning off and shutting down your Fitbit is a straightforward process:

  1. Activate the Display: Either tap the screen or press the side button to wake up the display.
  2. Access Quick Settings: Swipe down from the clock face.
  3. Find the Power Icon: This icon typically looks like a circular button with a vertical line in its center.
  4. Initiate Shutdown: Tap on the power icon and when prompted, confirm the shutdown.
  5. Observe the Screen: The screen will either go blank or display the Fitbit logo, indicating that the device has been turned off.
  6. Powering On: To turn your Fitbit back on, press and hold the side button.

How To Restart Fitbit Sense 2:

If your Fitbit Sense 2 becomes unresponsive or encounters issues, a restart can often be the remedy:

  1. Initiate Restart: Press and hold the side key button. Wait until you feel a slight vibration.
  2. Observe the Logo: Once the Fitbit logo graces your watch screen, allow the device to restart completely.
  3. Force Restart: In situations where the watch is frozen or stuck on a specific application, a force restart might be necessary. The process is akin to turning off your Fitbit. For a force restart, continue holding the side button even after the screen goes off. Release only when the Fitbit logo becomes visible.
  4. Feedback and Sharing: If you found these steps beneficial, consider sharing them with friends. For any questions, suggestions, or comments, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. Your feedback helps everyone in the community!


In essence, turning off the Fitbit Sense 2 is a simple and straightforward process that can be achieved with quick steps. However, before powering down, it’s essential to understand the potential impact on battery life and take the necessary precautions. If you run into any issues while turning off the device, don’t fret! There are several troubleshooting steps available to help you resolve the problem. In some scenarios, restarting the device might be a more viable solution. By adhering to the steps and considerations outlined in this article, you can ensure your Fitbit Sense 2 remains well-maintained and operates at its best. So, power down with confidence, and remember, you can always restart if necessary.

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